How to Get Urine From Leather Car Seat

how to clean urine from the leather car seats

Parents of little kids know perfectly well that, when going on vacation in a family car, it’s important to send the little ones to the toilet before the trip, otherwise, some unpleasant wet accident might take place. The same goes for the owners of pets: if your fluffy friend does its dirty business inside the car, you will spend hours cleaning it up!

And if your car has leather seats, such a pee accident can turn into a nightmare. What if something like that did happen? First of all, don’t panic! There is a method that will help to save the leather seats of your car and get rid of the smell as well.

Cleaning Urine Out Of Leather Car Seats Guide

Urine, no matter whether it is of human or an animal, is quite a smelly stuff. Once it soaks the seat and gets dry, it will take you lots of effort to get rid of the odor and the traces of the pee. 

Another tricky thing about leather seats is the material they are made of. Synthetic fabrics are usually way simpler to take care of, however, natural leather is rather delicate despite its durable look. And if we can easily wash the seat cover made of fabric, this trick will not work with leather.

How to save your leather seat from the urine

  1. First of all, do not soak the leather cushions! Instead, remove the damaged item and take out the stuffing if possible.
  2. If the insides are not down (for instance, duck feathers) and you are sure they can be washed, toss them into a mesh laundry bag and launder with a quarter cup acetum. Set up a gentle cycle and use warm aqua for that procedure.
  3. As for the leather cover, you will need to prepare a cleaning mixture for it. You will need any mild dish detergent, antibacterial or the one with a soft scent will also be fine since they will help to get rid of the smell.
  4. Prepare a quarter of warm aqua and mix in one small spoonful of washing liquid. Whisk it up with a wire whisk to create as many suds as you can. Since watering leather is not the best idea, you will be using those suds for cleaning the traces of urine.
  5. Take the suds with a microfiber cloth and apply it accurately onto the damaged area. Wipe clean.
  6. If possible, try to get to the underside of the leather cover, and scrub it gently with a clean cloth dampened with the suds.
  7. When you are done, pat the cover with a dry towel from both sides, and leave the cushion and its stuffing to dry in the open air. 
  8. After everything is dry, put the stuffing back inside the leather cover and treat the revived seat with a leather conditioner.

Of course, if you are not sure you can cope with the problem yourself or the seat needs to be cleaned right now, it is better to drive to the nearest cleaning station and let the professionals do their job.

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