How to Clean Nail Polish Brushes

how to clean nail brushes fast

Every artist knows that brushes must be cleaned properly, otherwise, they will become useless because of the build-up caused by the multiply dried paint. And you might be surprised but it is all the same with the brushes for nail art! 

The experienced workers of the beauty industry know perfectly how to maintain their utensils to prolong their lifespan and service, but what about the common people who are new to this?

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to perform this procedure step by step.

Nail Polish Brushes Cleaning Manual

Nail Polish Brushes Cleaning Manual

No matter whether you are a professional nail artist or you love creating new designs for your fake nails, keeping the brushes for painting clean is a must. If they are not cleaned thoroughly, the leftovers of gel might remain between the bristles causing the brush to dry hard and solid or making the bristles become glued to each other.

Since none of these scenarios are welcome, stick to a simple cleaning routine that will not take you much time but will definitely give great results:

  1. Take a cotton pad and isopropyl alcohol. Dap a little bit of the liquid onto a pad until it’s soaked (it must not be dripping wet!). Wait for thirty seconds for the better result.
  2. Wipe that soaked pad over the handle moving accurately from its end to the line above the bristles. Remember though that the bristles must not be touched!
  3. Now place the same pad flat and wipe the bristles on it. Go back and forth gently until most of the gel is extracted.  
  4. If you faced the trouble with getting the color out, it’s OK to add some clear gel to the tool. Simply dab a bit of it onto something flat and pick it up using the brush.

This will help to extract the colored substance that is stuck between the bristles. However, ensure the transparent gel is completely cleaned off as well, otherwise, you will only have more work to do later!

  1. To completely remove the remnants of the color, wipe the tool back and forth over the pad until you see that no color is left. 

This procedure may seem boring but it will guarantee that your brushes will stay clean and ready for work.

Tips For Keeping Nail Brushes Clean

Tips For Keeping Nail Brushes Clean

Regular cleaning is a must after each appliance for maintaining the nail brushes and keeping them in a proper state. However, let’s not forget about the maintenance routine to get even better results!

  • After each use, extract the excess gel onto a lint-free towel by brushing. It will make further cleaning simpler and faster.
  • Wipe the bristles with the same towel each time after the brush is used. Move from their tops to the tip of the handle to remove as much residue as possible. 

By swiping the brush through the cloth like this, you will ensure that no leftover gel is left in between the bristles making them stick to each other.

  • Double-check that your instruments are kept away from the UV light! If even the tiniest amount of gelly residue is exposed to this lighting, the bristles will harden and very difficult to unstick. 

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