How Long Does It Take For a Carpet to Dry After Shampooing?

how to dry carpet fast after shampooing

Cleaning carpets is a rather bothersome and effort-consuming thing, especially if you need to take care of a thick and big rug. This is probably the main reason why most of us prefer delegating this work to professional cleaning services.

However, the most stumbling point of cleaning a carpet is the time it will take to completely dry. Of course, we need to know when to arrive and pick it up, or when the item will be delivered (if the carpet is small)! So how to figure this out? 

How Much Time Will It Take For a Carpet to Dry After Being Washed?

Generally speaking, a carpet will only be slightly damp after the cleaning, no matter whether we cleaned it ourselves or called for the cleaning service to arrive and do that work for us. This is why the normal drying time varies from six to ten hours to let the item become completely dry.

However, under certain conditions, the drying time may be extended to up to twenty-four hours! This usually takes place if the carpet is very thick, of it required deep cleaning, or because of various external factors like the humidity and the temperature of the room where the carpet is drying, the air circulation, and even the time of the year the item was cleaned.

Carpet-Drying Hints

Cleaning carpets is not something we do every day. Such massive items need quite a lot of time and attention, besides, cleaning one big rug that covers all the floor of the living room can easily take us nearly an hour!

At the first sight, it seems very simple: we clean the carpet (or we bring it to the cleaning service where it is taken care of), and then just let it dry either indoors or by taking it out if the weather and the size of the item allow. 

However, we can often face the situation when the carpet dries longer than expected. Fortunately, you can go for several tricks to speed up the process!

  1. If the carpet was cleaned in winter, raise the indoor temperature to 70 F or higher. It will help the item dry faster.
  2. If you have any dehumidifiers, turn them on. 
  3. Fans like the ceiling or floor fan will also do. You can even turn the vent over the stove on to make the air circulate faster and better inside of the house!
  4. If the carpet was cleaned in the warmer season, opt for the air conditioner instead. It will remove the excess moisture from the air which is exactly what we need to get that rug dry and fluffy again.
  5. In warmer months, open the doors and windows to let the air flow freely in the room where the carpet is drying.
  6. Finally, if you really need that carpet to be dry badly, ask a technician from the cleaning service to blow-dry it. However, this option is only available if you hired the cleaners to take care of your carpet.

But the best option is to clean your carpets often enough so that they won’t be in need of a deep cleaning and long drying!

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