Can I Use My Hairdryer to Clean Computer?

how to clean a laptop with a hairdryer

All of us had that experience when we open a laptop or come up to our computer and suddenly realize that it is dirty as hell! The dust and debris get stuck to the buttons and in between them, and the device starts looking like an old grandma’s dower chest that’s been stored in the attic for decades.

Yes, the most reasonable decision would be to call a professional cleaner and get the shit done, however, sometimes we might need to do that quickly and that’s when a question arises: can I do that with my blow-dryer?

Can Hairdryer Clean the Computer?

cleaning laptop with a hairdryer

Let’s start with defying why we would go for such an exotic method of cleaning at all. The most frequent issue with computers is dust. It gets stuck on the keyboard, around the buttons, and in all the joints and connectors which in fact can cause certain safety problems. Besides, dusty joints may affect the plugs which is also not quite a good scenario, let’s agree.

So is it OK to go for a blow-dryer to fix the problem? Well, technically, this device can be sued, but practically, it will have very little effect, and this is why:

  1. To extract dust and debris from the hard-to-reach-places of the computer (especially if you need to clean the processor), that dust must be sucked out. By directing the airflow onto it, we will simply spread it all over making the dust get deeper into the device.
  2. The hairdryer doesn’t have enough pressure and its flow is not strong enough to be able to cope with dust.
  3. Its nozzle is not small and concentrated enough. And since that will not actually be harmful unless you switch on a high heat regime, that feature will not be useful either.
  4. Finally, heat from the blow-dryer is dangerous for the PVC insulation and plastics used on most wiring in your PC.

Considering all these nuances, I would say we should not go for a blow-dryer if we need to clean up our laptop or PC quickly.

The Best Way to Clean It Up Fast And Safe

The Best Way to Clean Laptop It Up Fast And Safe

If you are in a hurry and need to make your device clean again, I can suggest one method that won’t take much time but will definitely be effective.

Simply wipe it. Yep, that simple!

  • Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen since this material is universal and can be used on any screen surface.
  • To deal with the stubborn greasy marks on the keyboard or on the top of the laptop, try out a special cleaning liquid. It can be easily found in any computer shop, but you’d better not make it yourself or buy from the unchecked sellers to avoid the risks of damaging the device.
  • For sucking out the dust from the insides of the device, opt for a vacuum with a small hose like the one used for a car engine. That will be way more effective.

By applying these simple tools you will definitely clean up the laptop or PC safely and fast.

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